The Big Skinless Kahuna!

The Big Skinless Kahuna!
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All of the same great things in our "Big Kahuna", but here we have substituted the Natural Casing Wieners for Skinless Wieners. This combination is the ultimate expression of appreciation if you are looking to send something special, or a great combo if you are looking to stock up on some Smith's product for yourself. Receiving this box of goodies not only provides multiple meals on the grill, but a centerpiece on the table as well, featuring Smith's Boneless Gourmet "National Champion" Ham. ENJOY the following . . . * One Boneless Gourmet Ham (approximately 6.5 lbs) * Five Pounds of Skinless Wieners * One Pack of Each of the Following: Regular and Garlic Ring Bologna; Sliced Smokehouse Bacon; Ham Steak; Braunschweiger Chub * and Two Each of the Following: Kielbasa Links; Cajun Andouille sausage. Over 20 pounds of premium sausages, rings, and wieners topped off with a Smith's Gourmet Boneless Ham!

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