The Big Kahuna!

The Big Kahuna!
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This combination is the ultimate expression of appreciation if you are looking to send something special, or a great combo if you are looking to stock up on some Smith's product for yourself. Receiving this box of goodies not only provides multiple meals on the grill, but a centerpiece on the table as well, featuring Smith's Boneless Gourmet "National Champion" Ham. ENJOY the following . . . * One Boneless Gourmet Ham (approximately 6.5 lbs) * Five Pounds of Natural Casing Wieners * One Pack of Each of the Following: Regular and Garlic Ring Bologna; Sliced Smokehouse Bacon; Ham Steak; Braunschweiger Chub * and Two Each of the Following: Kielbasa Links; Cajun Andouille sausage. Over 20 pounds of premium sausages, rings, and wieners topped off with a Smith's Gourmet Boneless Ham!

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Price $97.28